Body butter cocoa-vanilla

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100% herbal natural product!
Does not contain: mineral oils, synthetic dyes, animal fats, parabens and silicone.
Cocoa butter is a popular high-performance cosmetic. It is well absorbed by the skin leaves no oily layer and is suitable for all skin types, especially essential for dry skin. The active components in the oil nourish, restore water-fat balance, promote cell regeneration, soften, rejuvenate and tone the skin, making it softer, more elastic and velvety. Using these cosmetics during pregnancy will help you prevent the appearance of stretch marks and also helps to eliminate them after pregnancy or drastic weight loss.
Cocoa butter helps to get an even and beautiful tan.
Vanilla essential oil is used in aromatherapy and to enrich cosmetics. Recommended for skin hydration, nourishment, softening and elasticity, fades oily skin.
Weight-100 gr


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