Mini diffuser "Mango"



Mini diffuser "Mango" The aroma will give you a bright exotic scent of juicy mango, which will mentally take you to the paradise tropical islands and give you a great mood for the whole day. This bright yellow, charged with the energy of the sun, sweet with a refreshing citrus acidity, exotic fruit can be safely called a source of vitality, it is not for nothing that it is called the "king of fruits" in India. The pure and invigorating mango scent inspires, relieves tension, prevents stress, fills with joy and gives a feeling of summer.

Place of use

Diffuser "Mango" perfectly refreshes and deodorizes the air in home areas (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom). Such a scent can become not only an element of a comfortable home space, but also suitable for a gym or fitness center. A small stylish bottle of the product will be an excellent addition to the interior.

Volume 50 ml


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