Mini diffuser "Strawberry"



Mini diffuser "Strawberry" The aroma will present the aroma of juicy, ripe freshly picked strawberries, which will mentally take you to sun-drenched berry meadows, forest edges or orchards. For some, it will evoke warm childhood memories of the delicious grandmother's strawberry jam, and for some, the smell of this fragrant berry will tune in a romantic mood, but definitely will not leave anyone indifferent. The appetizing sweet scent of the aroma diffuser will give you a feeling of comfort and peace. It is not for nothing that the strawberry scent is considered one of the aromas of happiness, it is associated with pleasure and pleasure, gives a feeling of celebration and elation.

Place of use

Diffuser "Strawberry" can perfectly freshen and deodorize the air in home areas (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom). This smell is perfect for a summer residence or a country house; it can be used in aroma marketing for shops and show rooms. A small stylish bottle of the product will be an excellent addition to the interior.



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