Hands antiseptics spray


Always clean hands spray with tea tree and eucalyptus oils

Alcoholic antiseptic spray effectively destroys bacterial, viral and fungal flora and prevents the multiplication of infections. And so that the spray does not cause irritation and dryness of the skin of the hands, it was enriched with essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus, which effectively cleanse, disinfect, refresh, moisturize and soften the skin of the hands, as well as give it a pleasant aroma. An antiseptic hand spray with essential oils is indispensable for long stays in public places: hospitals, vehicles, catering and others.
Action: antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, cleansing.
Purpose: cosmetic product for hand skin care.
Benefits of Always Clean Hands spray with tea tree and eucalyptus oils
Hand hygiene spray from TM Aromatika has the following advantages:
• Fast cleansing;
• Ability to use on the go;
• Convenient format (you can take it with you);
• Does not require rinsing;
• Does not leave a sticky feeling;
• Does not dry the skin;
• Contains essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus;
• Wide range of applications: in the office, at home, in the car, at school or in other places where you need to quickly clean your hands, but there is no way to wash them.

Always Clean Hands Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oil comes in a handy spray bottle that makes it easy to apply to your hands. The small size of the bottle allows it to be carried in a bag or cosmetic bag to always have it at hand. And the convenient spray evenly distributes the liquid consistency and contributes to the rational consumption of the spray.

Active ingredients
• Denatured ethyl alcohol - effective for the destruction of various types of microbes, including bacteria and viruses. The mechanism of action of alcohols on microorganisms is that they denature the proteins of cell membranes, causing cell destruction.

• Tea tree essential oil - has a unique combination of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties with powerful immunostimulating properties. This component gives simply amazing results in the care of the dermis: brightens, disinfects, relieves inflammation, smoothes wrinkles, soothes dry skin, reduces itching, redness and swelling, and eliminates pimples. Effective in the fight against viral infections of the dermis (warts, herpes and papillomas), and also helps to eliminate fungal pathologies of the skin and nail plates.

• Eucalyptus essential oil - has a positive effect on the skin due to its antibacterial effect. The oil effectively fights infections and inflammations, including eliminating furunculosis and acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus help with herpes, for quick healing of wounds, insect bites. This component dries out inflammatory processes, improves blood microcirculation, oxygen supply to tissues, in addition, deodorizes the skin, eliminating an unpleasant odor. The aroma of eucalyptus oil also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, having an anti-cold, diaphoretic and expectorant effect.

• Aloe Vera Gel - able to penetrate deep into the skin, moisturize, nourish and work as an antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage and premature aging. One of the most powerful active assets of Aloe Vera is barbaloin. It can stop the multiplication of various microbes: staphylococci, streptococci, typhoid and diphtheria sticks, it is used in the treatment of such dermatological problems as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. It has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects for any burns (thermal, solar, chemical) and skin damage , is used to heal festering wounds, as it accelerates cell regeneration.

• Hydrogenated castor oil - restores the natural moisture level of the epidermis, helps to cope with skin problems such as dryness, dehydration, flaking, roughness, unevenness and loss of elasticity of the skin. It forms a protective film on the skin of the hands, effectively cleanses and soothes it.

Method of application: Apply to dry skin of hands. Do not rinse.

Volume 100 ml