Antibacterial sea salt


?Bath-sea natural salt is an unusual way to relieve fatigue and stress, to neutralize the impact of adverse environmental factors.
გახსCrystals dissolved in water add vitality,
? Sea salt baths boost immunity
?stimulates blood circulation and metabolism,
? Relieves mental and physical tension,
? relieves rheumatic pains,
გრძნ Gives a sense of uplifting and renewing the gift, improves mood.

As for the impact on the skin:
?Gives skin density and elasticity.
? Sea salt-foam with tea tree essential oil has antiseptic properties,
. Provides rapid healing of wounds and fights skin diseases.
How to use: Dilute 100-300 g of salt in water at a temperature of 35-45 degrees and redistribute the foam in the bath. The recommended time for bath tubes is 10-20 minutes.

Ingredients: sea salt, sage cone extract, tea tree essential oil.

Weight-500 gr