Fragrant water "Lavender"


Fragrant cosmetic water "Lavender" Aromatika is a cosmetic product obtained from lavender inflorescences. Lavender water is a great toner for all skin types. With the help of lavender hydrolate, you can care for the skin of the face and neck, cleansing, soothing and restoring it. This remedy is suitable for hyperactive people and those who are sensitive to strong odors. The scent of lavender relieves stress and mental fatigue, while baths with scented lavender water and scent of linen with this liquid promote sound and healthy sleep.
Purpose: for cleansing the skin of the face and neck. Can be used for body skin care.
Aroma: sweet, refreshing, floral, typical of lavender; in comparison with essential oil, it is deeper and has a more pronounced honey note. Fresh lavender hydrolat has a more pronounced herbaceous and slightly tart scent that becomes more pleasant and soft over time.
Properties: cleanses the skin well, moisturizes it moderately, soothes, tones, rejuvenates, makes the skin smooth and elastic.

Scented lavender water contains a small amount of lavender oil, but in a safe concentration that allows you to apply the product directly to the skin. Cosmetic water has all the healing properties of the corresponding lavender oil, it is suitable for all skin types and is included in the top of the face care products.

As a great alternative to thermal water, lavender facial water can be used to cleanse the skin. This natural tonic will soothe sensitive and damaged skin, relieve irritation, inflammation, redness and flaking, and help tired skin recover. Lavender hydrolates are very effective treatments for problem skin.

Due to its excellent properties, compresses with lavender water are often used in the fight against acne and eczema, for rashes or allergies, and compresses with lavender water heated to 38-40 ° C, relieve pain in rheumatic and joint ailments.

Regular use of lavender water will help you fight age-related changes. This cosmetic product will make your skin elastic and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, thus slowing down aging.

Lavender is so effective as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that its water is also used for burns and insect bites. She will help you out not only with household burns, but also with sunburn. After prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds, lavender water will provide skin care in summer, relieve pain and reduce burning.

The regenerating properties of these delicate, fragrant purple flowers are used to prevent stretch marks. Lavender water is also indispensable during shaving - it prevents skin inflammation and ingrown hairs.

Thus, having collected all the best from lavender essential oil, cosmetic water delicately cleanses, refreshes and soothes the skin and is excellent for people suffering from various types of dermatitis. As a natural toner, it works great against skin contamination throughout the day and easily removes makeup from the face.

Scented lavender water can be sprayed onto dry hair or used to rinse hair. Taking care of the curls, lavender water for hair will give them a healthy shine and moisturize well. It can also be added to shampoos and conditioners, both during preparation and directly upon application.

And if you add such a fragrant hydrolat to the bath in an amount of up to 100 ml, then the procedure for taking a bath will be useful for skin diseases and for intimate hygiene.

With this tool, you can carry out not only facial skin care at home. Sprayed lavender water is very easy to always have on hand and quickly to use when the skin needs additional freshness or hydration, for example, in transport, on an airplane, on the beach, in an air-conditioned room that dries up the air.
Application methods
Lavender water Aromatika is traditionally used for skin care both in its pure form, as an excellent mild toner or lotion, and in cosmetics, in combination with various essential oils. Lavender hydrolate can serve as a basis for cosmetics instead of ordinary water in the manufacture of natural tonics, fresheners, creams, scrubs, compresses, baths, cosmetic masks. Scented water can be added to a hair rinse. Up to 50-70% hydrolate can be added to shampoos, this will significantly soften the effect of detergent surfactants.

► For face and neck: As an alternative to thermal water (contains all the components necessary for the skin). Just spray water on your face. The procedure is repeated as needed. Can be applied immediately before applying cosmetics or after - over cosmetics.
► As a cleanser: Apply lavender hydrolat to a cotton swab, wipe your face and neck. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day.
Volume 115 ml