Mandarin essential oi



Mandarin essential oil is suitable for the care of sensitive skin, and is also an excellent cosmetic product for the care of irritated, mature and aging, problematic, porous and oily skin. This oil softens, tones, refreshes tired, hungry skin, removes premature wrinkles, evens out the epidermis relief.

A very effective anti-wrinkle treatment is a mixture of tangerine oil and avocado oil. This is especially true during winter cold weather, because Avocado oil itself is an exceptional remedy for preventing chapping and winter drying of the skin, and when combined with mandarin oil, it has a truly amazing effect. Try applying the mixture every morning (just a couple of drops so as not to leave an oily sheen on the skin) on a cleansed face and the result will not be long in coming.

The oil is recommended to be used to prevent the formation of stretch marks and stretch marks of the skin during pregnancy. In the form of anti-cellulite rubbing, tangerine oil can be used for obesity and cellulite, it can also be included in massage mixtures.

Like other citrus oils, mandarin essential oil can be effective in treating damaged hair. A few drops of it will not only give the curls an incredible aroma, but also give them strength, shine and elasticity, accelerate growth, and breathe new life into the split ends.

Remember that essential oils, including mandarin essential oil, are highly concentrated plant essences, so they cannot be applied to the skin in a pure, undiluted form. For cosmetic use, they should be diluted in a base fatty oil (base oil) or any other emulsifier. Essential oils do not dissolve in water, but they dissolve perfectly in fat, milk, kefir, yogurt, wax, honey, salt.
Mandarin essential oil in aromatherapy
Mandarin essential oil brings a feeling of peace and tranquility, relieves nervous tension, relieves feelings of fear and anxiety, helps to eliminate irritability, mental and physical fatigue. The invigorating and refreshing scent of the oil helps to find peace and tranquility. As an aromatic adaptogen, mandarin oil optimizes self-regulation, quickly restores strength, and is an excellent remedy for general weakness.

As a mild aphrodisiac, tangerine oil is part of “sensual” mixtures, and is equally suitable for both women and men.
Home use of mandarin essential oil
Tangerine scented oil repels insects well and purifies the air.

Combination of mandarin with oils

Mandarin essential oil goes well with cinnamon, sandalwood, sage oils. Can also be mixed with basil, coriander, lavender, marjoram, palmarosa, rose, chamomile oils. It goes well with oils of other citrus fruits (bergamot, grapefruit, lime, lemon, petitgrain and especially neroli), as well as spicy oils such as nutmeg, cloves. Complementary oils of coniferous plants and vetiver.
Ways to Use Mandarin Aromatic Essential Oil
► Enrichment of cosmetics: 5 drops of tangerine oil or one of the above mixtures of oils per 15 g or 15 ml of base (vegetable oil, cream, tonic, lotion, shampoo).
► Massage: 5-7 drops of essential oil or one of the above mixtures of oils mixed with 12 tablespoons of any vegetable oil (jojoba, almond, peach seed, grape seed, etc.) or cream of your choice.
► Baths: In a filled bath (37-38 ° С) add 6-7 drops of essential oil or one of the above compositions of oils, premixed with 1 tablespoon of emulsifier (milk, honey, sea or table salt). Essential oils for bath soothing should be used in a procedure lasting 10-20 minutes.
► Aromatization of the room: 5-7 drops of mandarin essential oil or one of the essential oil mixtures add to the aroma lamp filled with water and light a candle. The scent will fill the room. If you don't have an aroma lamp, you can put oil on a napkin or add it to a cup of hot water and place it on a heating radiator. You can also add essential oils to your humidifier. The duration of the procedure is 15-30 minutes.


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