Chamomile oil



Chamomile face oil rejuvenates, gives freshness, a beautiful and healthy look to tired and flabby skin. It is an effective remedy for the prevention and elimination of wrinkles. The oil is especially useful for the daily care of dry and sensitive skin as well as the delicate skin of babies. It cleans well and can be used to remove makeup.

When used, the oil will relieve you of the feeling of tightness and dryness, as well as eliminate flaking and give the face an even tone. Daily care with chamomile oil will help dry skin stay fresh and tender, free of unpleasant sensations on it.

Chamomile oil has proven to be an effective remedy for the prevention and elimination of cellulite, as well as stretch marks on the skin that occur after pregnancy or a sharp change in body volume.

This product is successfully used for hair care in order to strengthen, stimulate their growth and lighten. It saturates the curls with valuable trace elements. Chamomile not only strengthens strands, but also adds volume to fine, soft hair.

External use

Chamomile oil can be used in its pure form, in mixtures with other oils, as a base oil to create compositions with natural essential oils, to enrich ready-made cosmetics: creams, masks, shampoos, balms. It is used for applications, lubrication, preparation of massage and cosmetic mixtures.

For the use of natural vegetable oils in cosmetology in the production of creams and other products, for adding to ready-made creams, for massages with oils, only refined oils are recommended due to the fact that:
• refined oil has a softer effect on the skin (with less risk of irritation);
• it is odorless (does not distort the aroma of the cosmetic product, does not give allergic reactions);
• has a longer shelf life.


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